Pitstop@Energy Ventures – our biannual event

Summerinterview with Ulrich Seitz
Sommerinterview mit Ulrich Seitz, Geschäftsführer BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures

On October 5, 2022, BayWa re Energy Ventures is hosting the Pitstop@EnergyVentures event in Munich. Numerous investors and entrepreneurs have been invited. In an interview to VentureCapital Magazin, Managing Director Ulrich Seitz speaks about the event and his current assessment of the venture capital market.

VC Magazin: Pitstop@Energy Ventures will take place in Munich on October 5th with start-up pitches and networking for investors and entrepreneurs. What can participants expect?

Seitz: For us, it’s all about a relaxed atmosphere and personal encounters. We have a feeling that this kind of networking is still not “back to normal” since the Corona period and would like to offer an opportunity for exchange.

VC Magazine: BayWa re Energy Ventures has an investment focus on the energy sector. Will this also be the focus of the event, which target groups would you like to address?

Seitz: Yes, we are clearly focusing on the area that people like to call “climate tech” these days. This not only includes the energy space, but also related topics that make a positive contribution to the energy transition. Mobility or circular economy should also be mentioned here in particular.

VC Magazin: The venture capital scene is currently more reluctant to make investments. What are your impressions of the market?

Read the full article in VentureCapital Magazin (in German): https://www.vc-magazin.de/blog/2022/09/07/interivew-mit-ulrich-seitz-baywaenergyventures/


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