Roofit.solar is growing rapidly

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Roofit.solar is growing rapidly

Amid rising prices for fossil fuels the Estonian Roofit.solar faces strong demand for its solar metal roofs with Nordic-style design thus turning more house roofs into aesthetic and cost-efficient small power plants. 

Only a few years ago it all started as a personal matter of taste: When it came to planning his own house construction, Andri Jagomägi (founder) – a scientific researcher at Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) in the area of solar energy materials and their applications – wanted an electricity-generating solar roof that looked like a “regular roof”.

As the already existing solutions were costly, bulky and unaesthetic, Jagomägi decided to develop the desired product himself. He founded Roofit.solar in 2016. A little later Andres Anijalg (CEO) and Raimond Russak (CFO) joined as co-founders adding extensive experience in the energy industry as well as project management skills to the team. “The first Roofit.solar roofs were installed in Estonia in 2017, combining traditional look with innovative solar technology”, recalls Andres Anijalg proudly.

In 2018 they could start their own production facility near Tallinn and generate first export revenues. Three years later BayWa r.e. Energy Ventures as lead investor beside other equipped the young company with another EUR 6,4 m in a Series-A round.

Read the full article in VentureCapital Magazin: https://www.vc-magazin.de/blog/2022/05/31/roofit-solar-is-growing-rapidly/


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